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A Sneak Peek At Sage 500 2016

Pre-Release Guide Reveals New Features to Come

Sage 500 2016

Sage has just published a pre-release guide for the upcoming release of Sage 500 ERP 2016. Scheduled for availability by the end of calendar 2015, this new version will focus on core enhancements that make the software faster and easier to use.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights.

Color Coded Company Codes

If you run multiple companies in Sage 500, the new Color Coded Company Codes will make it easier to keep track of which company you’re currently working in. Sage 500 2016 provides options to assign distinct colors to the bottom border of the screen for each company.  

No more erroneous entries because you didn’t notice you were in the wrong company code.

Sage 500 2016Accounts Payable

More than ever before, businesses today are using corporate credit cards and electronic funds transfer (EFT). Sage 500 2016 provides additional features in Accounts Payable that make it easier to take advantage of the efficiency and convenience of electronic payments.

A new payment method of Credit Card has been added to the ‘Set Up Payment Methods’ dialogue. When enabled, you will be able to process invoices for payment, create a manual payment entry, or apply a payment in ‘Apply Payments and Memos’ using Credit Card as the payment method. In essence, applying a credit card payment to an existing invoice will be as familiar as processing a batch of invoices for payment.  And applying a credit card payment to the balance for a single invoice will be as easy as entering a manual check.

For several releases now, you’ve been able to process EFT payments against open invoices. But Sage 500 2016 takes it a step further to make the process even easier. In addition to adding a new task to print a remittance advice, you can now configure those remittance advices in ‘Doc Transmittal’ to automatically inform all the appropriate contacts of the transmittal details. No more printing to hard copy or PDF and then manually attaching that document to e-mails.

Inventory Management Transaction Purge

Years and years of inventory transactions can result in very large data files which can then slow the speed and performance of lookups, report generation, and overall processing.  On the other hand, successfully generating costing and stock status reports rely on the ability to calculate current dollar amounts and quantities based on full items history.

So to eliminate this dilemma, the Inventory Management Purge Utility in Sage 500 2016 was completely redesigned to allow you to record and retain the quantity and associated cost information as of the purge date.

Customer Memo Notifications & Options

The 2016 release of Sage 500 will include enhancements to the behavior and notification options for customer memos.  You can now designate which specific processes will display memos (sales orders, shipments, returns, etc), mark a given memo as a priority, and view the total number of existing memos for a customer.  These improvements ensure that memos are even easier to access and display prominently during key processes, thereby reducing errors due to memos being overlooked.

Other Notables

Other notable enhancements in Sage 500 2016 include:

  • New modernized design and a collection of functional enhancements to Sage Intelligence
  • Updates to usability and integration with Sage Inventory Advisor
  • Changes to the Sage Payment Solutions (SPS) platform
  • Ability to process Level 3 Data in credit card processing.

Submit Your Ideas

As a customer, you have a voice in determining the features and functionality incorporated into future releases. To submit your feedback and participate in the planning of Sage 500, visit the Sage 500 Ideas Forum and cast your votes.

Contact us and we’ll send you a copy of the Sage 500 2016 Pre-Release Guide with details about the full range of new features.

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