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What's New With Sage CRM?

Sage CRM What's NewHere are some recent developments, product updates, and other important news about Sage CRM including:

  • Sage CRM 2018 Release 3 (R3)
  • Take a Personal Test Drive of Sage CRM
  • Online Scheduling for Support Calls

Let's take a closer look.

Sage CRM 2018 Release 3 Coming Soon

Sage CRM 2018 Release 3 (R3) is scheduled for availability in August 2018. This latest version will include a number of improvements including these highlights:

More Calendar Enhancements - in addition to the ability to now create quick appointments for other users, you can also view all items in the calendar as a list to make better use of screen real estate.

Quick Find - Quick Find has been improved so you can search for Person and Company records by their postal    address, email address, or phone number.

Supported Character Sets - improved support for Unicode characters, including special characters and emojis.

Customer Cases - more than 50 customer cases and product fixes have been addressed with this release.

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Take a Personal Sage CRM Test Drive

Are you looking to experience first-hand how Sage CRM can transform the sales, marketing, and service operations at your company?  If so, then it’s time to take Sage CRM for a personal test drive.

A new series of role-driven test drives show how Sage CRM makes people’s jobs easier.  There are a few roles to choose from including CEO, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, and Customer Service Representative. The test drives highlight top features like company-wide dashboards, integrated marketing campaign features, sales pipeline management, and detailed customer-case tools.

Take a Test Drive »

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New Online Scheduling for Support Calls

Tired of waiting on hold to speak with a Sage CRM customer support representative?

Well now you don’t have to with the new online appointment scheduling option that allows you to schedule your preferred time and date for a Sage support representative to call you back.

To schedule an appointment for Sage CRM support:

Visit the Online Scheduler website

  1. Select Register Now and follow the steps to create an account using your Sage Customer ID (or login if you’ve previously registered).
  2. Select an appointment date and fill out the form.

All set! Your appointment is reserved so you can get back to work and have a Sage support rep call you back at the time you selected.

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