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Sage Transform and Sage X3 Sessions 2021

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend Sage Transform, the Sage Intacct conference, in Las Vegas and Sage X3 Sessions in Orlando. It had been so long since attending anything in-person that the last event I went to was the Sage Partner Summit, a dual conference with Sage Intacct and Sage X3, which took place the week of March 2nd, 2020.

It was great to be back and having the chance to meet with people in-person (while following mask wearing guidelines). I had fun getting to meet several of the new Sage team members, catch up with other Sage folks, Sage ISV's, other Sage Partners and my fellow RKL eSolutions colleagues. Although, the best part was being able to spend time with RKL customers. I'd like to say a special thank you to all of you that were able to attend in person.

Sage Transform

At Sage Transform we also had our Sage Intacct Premier Partner meeting. We were all able to attend, with the exception of a few of the Sage team members who had prior commitments. We heard from Nancy Teixeira, Nancy Harris, Peyton Burch, Kent Hollrah and were introduced to Aziz Benmalek and Becky Payne. Thank you all for sharing the information you did with us and listening to our comments as well as answering some of our questions. We realize some of this requires additional follow-up before responding, so we appreciate you wanting to take some of this back and research this for us.

Additionally I was able to spend some one on one time with Aziz, then another brief session with Walid Abu-Hadba. I want to say thank you for the constructive transparent discussions. We look forward to many more.

We had a wonderful Customer dinner on Wednesday evening. Thank you David Cieslak and Lisa Gillet for your efforts in arranging everything. Thank you to Avalara for your support as well. I also want to thank Angela Thomas and Susan Vincent from Sage for attending. It was great to have you with us. Most of all thank you to all the RKL Customers for spending the evening with us.

Sage X3 Sessions

Now off to Sage X3 Sessions. This was a bit of a different crowd and show as you might expect. I started this show off on Monday, 11/15 with our Sage X3 BPAC. In this constructive meeting, we shared quite a bit between Sage and the Partners that were representing the Partner Channel. We were again led by Nancy Teixeira but additional Sage representation included Nancy Harris, Robert Sinfield, Dianna Lane, Fabrice Alonso, Pascal Gaude and joining this group for the first time Aziz Benmalek and Becky Payne.

I want to thank all the Partners in attendance that day for speaking up on various topics. It was great to get some of this dialogue out on the table and although some is repeated information, because it has been so long since we were together it was good to make sure that it stayed at the top of our minds. I look forward to working on these items mutually with Sage.

Last but not least, similar to Sage Transform, it was great to see my colleagues and the RKL Customers that were able to attend. I truly enjoyed the time we had together and discussing your upcoming requests. I think we were able to make some progress on many of these as we could discuss in-person and we were able to get around to many ISV’s that need to be part of the discussion.

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Joe Noll

Written by Joe Noll

Joe is the President of the RKL eSolutions brand with a background in MCITP, MCTS Sage 500 ERP Certified Consultant Sage 500 ERP Certified Developer Sage ERP X3 Certified Developer Sage ERP X3 Technical Consultant Specialties: SQL Server Optimization assistance, Virtualization, Business Continuity Planning.