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Flash Player No Longer Available for Sage X3 after Dec 31, 2020

Say goodbye to Flash Player after December 31, 2020

What does this mean for me?

For Sage X3 users of v7, v8, v9, v11 or v12 (up to patch 22) you will no longer be able to create custom process Maps in Setup, Interactive Dashboards, Processes; nor Graphical Queries in Setup, Usage, Reports.

Custom Process Maps

These objects are primarily used in landing (home) pages (see images). If you do not use custom process maps or graphical queries, then this change should not impact your business.

X3 Order for Purchase Request

For those with custom landing pages which use processes or graphical queries, we anticipate existing landing pages will continue to work. However, no new process maps or graphical queries will be able to be created.

Custom Landing Pages with Graphical Queries

Sage X3 Graphical Query

Since this is the end of life for a product outside of Sage’s control, a new component was added to Sage v12 patch 23 called Visual Process Editor.

Here is Sage’s statement from knowledgebase article 106422.

Flash Deprecation: New Visual Process Editor in Sage X3 2020 R3

As you know, Adobe has announced the end of life of Flash end of 2020. As of December 31, 2020, Flash technology will no longer be supported.

Sage X3 2020 R3 and 2020 R4 contain the replacement of the Flash technology components used in the product.

Sage X3 2020 R3 contains a new Visual Process Editor. It will be automatically activated if you install Sage X3 2020 R3 and Syracuse 12.8.

If you have heavily customized Visual Processes, you also need to make sure you install this update on a test instance and review your visual processes, before you install on a live instance.

Customers who are not in 2020 R3 and would like to test this delivery: You can install Syracuse 12.8 on an earlier release of Sage X3, but if you would like to activate the new Visual Process Editor you will also need to install the application hotfix WX_195292_R090_023.dat in the attachments below.

This hotfix has been tested by Sage on Sage X3 2020 R1 and Sage X3 2020 R2 in line with the Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy. 


Contact RKL if you are interested in upgrading or patching Sage X3 so these components remain compatible.

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