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Setting Default values in Sage 100

sage 100Are you entering data into Sage 100 and constantly having to change the value that defaults in a drop down menu?


Did you know that using Custom office, you can set default values for certain fields?

Example:  Inventory Reorder method defaults to "Economic Qty".  If you would like this to default to a different method such as "Reorder Qty", that can be done using Custom office.

Sage 100 Changing Default Values


  1. Go to Custom office module > Main menu > User-Defined field and table Maintenance
  2. Open Inventory Module
  3. Find "IM Item Warehouse"
  4. Right click on "IM Item Warehouse" & select Advanced Field Settings
  5. Select field: ReorderMethod
  6. Change default from E to R (E=Economic, R=Reorder, M=Maximum)

Setting a default value is just one of the many useful ways of using Custom Office.  Custom office can be used to change tab stop sequences, disable or hide fields, change labels, add new fields, add new tables or do advanced scripting.  Please contact RKL if you need assistance in any of these areas.

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