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Supply Chain Insights Global Summit: Learning From Experience

Will Rogers offered some great wisdom in very down-to-earth terms when he said:

“There are three kinds of men in this world: Those who learn from reading books; those who learn by watching others; and those who have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

We all have opportunities to learn from the experiences of others, and the upcoming Supply Chain Insights Global Summit to be held in Phoenix, AZ, September 11-12, 2013, is just such an opportunity. The collective supply chain experience of the speakers at this conference is astounding.

What’s even more important is that YOU don’t have to be there to reap the benefit of this great event. Stay tuned right here and we will try to bring you some of the highlights, some of the nuggets, a distillation of important points that come out of the speaking at this conference.

Some examples

What can you expect? Here is a sampling of the level of talent and experience that will be attending and speaking at this conference, and some of what you might expect to learn.

Lisa Sauer, VP of Product Supply, Global Home Products and External Supply Solutions at Procter & Gamble, has 25 years with P&G. She will share from her experience how to build a customer-driven value network and on supply chain metrics that matter.

Insights on how to build processes to sense and respond to customer needs while improving supply chain resiliency will be offered by Tony Romero, General Manager of Customer Fulfillment, Planning and Logistics Group at Intel Corporation.

A blue-ribbon panel including Nicolas Little of Michigan State University and current chair of the Supply Chain Council’s North America Leadership Team; Cindy Urbaytis, Managing Director of the Institute for Supply Management; Joe Krkoska, Supply Chain Director and Business Manufacturing Leader for External Manufacturing at DOW AgroSciences; and Patrick Curry, Director of Supply Chain Talent Development and University Relations at IBM will discuss the shortage of supply chain talent and mid-management roles with the organizations.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Jake Barr, who himself has more than three decades of experience in supply chain management with Procter and Gamble. Barr is now CEO at BlueWorld Supply Chain Consulting.

Others Resources

  • Robert J. Bowman, managing editor at SupplyChainBrain covering supply chain management, logistics, transportation and international trade
  • Karen Conway, executive lead for industry relations at GHX, working internationally with standards bodies, government agencies, analysts, academic institutions and industry associations to aid healthcare providers and suppliers to the healthcare industry identify opportunities and optimize supply chain operations
  • Mitch Free, founder of MFG.com, an online marketplace for manufacturers and named by the New York Times as one of the ten companies to change the world
  • Dr. Mani Janakiram, Principal Engineer and Director of Supply Chain Strategy and Analytics at Intel Corporation

Stay tuned…

Over the coming few weeks will will be bringing you highlights from the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. We will be tweeting with the hashtag #SCISummit live from the conference and posting updates here, as well. After the conference, we will try to provide more insights that have flowed from the event.

So, stay tuned right here—even if you cannot attend the conference personally.

If you have comments or questions, post them here, or contact us directly, if you wish.

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