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Tips & Tricks: How to Print your Sage Intacct Bills Error Free


If you're just starting out with Sage Intacct, you may run into some roadblocks when it comes to printing your bills and it can be frustrating when you're faced with an error message instead of the bill you're trying to print. But don't worry - with these simple steps, you can get your PDFs to open in Google Chrome and print your bills easily!

  1. Launch Google Chrome.Google Chrome Homepage (1)
  2. Navigate to the vertical ellipses (three dots in the top right hand corner) that allow you to customize and control Google Chrome and click on them.
    Chrome Homepage - 3 dots (2)-1
  3. Next, click on the "Settings" option in the drop-down menu.Google Hompage - Settings (3)
  4. From the Settings tab, click on "Privacy and Security".
    Chrome Homepage - Settings - Privacy and Security (4)
  5. From there, click on "Site Settings" which controls what information sites can use and show.
    Privacy and Security - Site Settings (5)
  6. Then click on "Additional Content Settings".
    Site Settings - Additional Content Settings (6)
  7. Select the "PDF Documents" option.
    Additional Content Settings - PDF Documents (7)
  8. Finally, change the default behavior from "Download PDFs" to "Open PDFs in Chrome".
    PDF Documents - Open PDFs in Chrome (8)

With these simple steps, you can now easily print your bills from your Google Chrome browser without any error message popups. 

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Todd Parsons

Written by Todd Parsons

Todd Parsons is based in Lancaster, PA working as a Solution Architect on the Sage Intacct team.