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Sage 500 vdvCustomerPaymentAppl Slow

The vdvCustomerPaymentAppl View has been around for many versions. In Sage 500 v7.4 there was a minor change with Customer Payments and Apply to Invoices. This was a positive change in that we had more ways to associate Payments to Order, Shipment and eventually Invoices.

The vdvCustomerPaymentAppl View uses a component of this enhancement. What we recently noticed is that there is a missing Index on tarCustPmtAppl to enhance the performance of this View.

After doing some major analysis on this View what we have uncovered is the following missing Index.

Missing Index on tarCustPmtAppl Sage 500

So you would run a script like this, then click on the query plan column link. This would give you the plan. Then you could do a save as on that plan and give it a .sqlplan file extension.

Sage 500 CustPmtAppl Script

The results for the client were amazing. The client said they remember this task taking sometimes over 10 minutes or more to return the results, now it is seconds!

Joe Noll

Written by Joe Noll

Joe is the President of the RKL eSolutions brand with a background in MCITP, MCTS Sage 500 ERP Certified Consultant Sage 500 ERP Certified Developer Sage ERP X3 Certified Developer Sage ERP X3 Technical Consultant Specialties: SQL Server Optimization assistance, Virtualization, Business Continuity Planning.