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What you Need to Know about Sage Intacct R1 2024

Sage Intacct has released the first update of 2024. We've outlined what you need to know about this release, packed full of added and upgraded features to Sage Intacct.

Company and Administration


Permission Changes: Sage has added permissions to new features like cancel/uncancel contacts, reverse conversion enabled for Order Entry, and more. Check out the full additions here

API usage dashboard for consoles:  In the previous released, the API usage dashboard was only available  for companies. Sage has since expanded the dashboard to consoles! The API usage dashboard for consoles offers a holistic perspective for monitoring and analyzing API activity across all your companies within a console. 

User account email: Discover the added benefit of a new user account email.  In the past, Intacct relied on a single email address that was used for both the Contact record and the user's account. Now  users can have a clear path of communication when encountering login-related problems and safeguard against unauthorized changes. 

Self-serve account recovery process: Strengthen the security of your account and swiftly regain access to your business by simply visiting the Intacct login page and clicking on the "forgot password" option. Opt-in for security alerts sent directly to your registered account email, providing an extra layer of protection. Learn more about the recovery process here.

Accounts Payable


Improve draft bill accuracy with improved GL account and dimension coding. AP Automation now detects patterns in selecting dimension values for line items, not just based on the previous bill from the vendor. This allows you to create draft bills with the intended dimension values and spend less time altering code. Contact your account manager to become an Early Adopter.*

Simplify contact lists:  Now you can go beyond the limits of active contacts in Pay and Return. You can now select which contacts are available for selection in the dropdowns.  Learn more here


Usage report enhancements:  export transaction history with filters as a CVS file. Learn how it works here.

Stay up-to-date on submitted bills with approval email notifications , Delete unwanted shared filters, and more

budgeting and planning


Sage Intacct Planning: Collaborate on shared budgets as you can now see who else is contributing, save models and statistical accounts for future use, and create personalized views to analyze and interpret your data in a way that best suits your needs. Learn more about Sage Intacct Planning

Cash Management


Bank transaction dating, initially launched under an Early Adopter program in the 2023 Release 2., is now available to all users. With this new functionality, you have complete control over the dating of your bank transactions, ensuring accuracy and avoiding any time zone anomalies that may arise. 


Reconciliation match sequence report: create a customer report to match up Intacct transactions to bank transactions



Sage Intacct now offers a custom report for Advanced Ownership Consolidation, empowering you to analyze and manipulate your consolidation data according to your preferences. This report streamlines the review and audit process by encompassing essential elements such as consolidation exchange rates, exchange rate dates for historical accounts, and dimensional data integrated into the consolidation.


Does your Intacct Company contain a several foreign currency transactions? The General Ledger (GL) revaluation report now includes a summary option for foreign currency transactions, allowing for easier review and revaluation of foreign currency accounts. The summarized report lists transactions by account number, location, and transaction currency in numerical order.

Now you are able to drill down to transaction details in the General Ledger report by selecting the detailed view and using the new transaction amount column. This feature is available for domestic currency transactions in any General Ledger report with a consolidation book as the selected reporting book.



MEA price lists: Now import multiple-element arrangement (MEA) price lists using a CSV template, saving time and effort. The new MEA price list import template provides detailed descriptions for each column, ensuring accuracy. Separate import processes for different price types are recommended to avoid errors.

New permissions: To better protect contract responsibilities, Sage has added new permissions for Contracts users. These permissions allow users to cancel and uncancel contracts and contract lines. After February 13, 2024, users who previously had these permissions will no longer have them, as the new Contract: Cancel and Uncancel permissions will be disabled by default. Learn about what you need to  do about these new permissions here.


Cancellation improvements: Sage has expanded support for uncanceling contract lines and given you the flexibility to post open revenue and billing after the cancellation date. read more about contract cancellations now.

Updates to kit billing: Kit items can now be used with contract lines that have a "One time" or "Use billing template" flat/fixed amount frequency, in addition to the previous option of "Include with every invoice."

Time and Expenses


Employee bank detail permission: Now, companies have the ability to grant permissions as needed to reveal employees' bank account details when using bank file payments for expense reimbursements. This feature proves valuable when an authorized staff member requires access to verify employee bank account information within Sage Intacct.


Bank file Payments: Import and update employee details for bank file payments using a convenient CSV import. Additionally, you can now filter by expense currency directly on the Select to Pay page, ensuring seamless and efficient payment management.

User Interface


List upgrades: Sign up for the beta interface to customize your list views, harness advanced filters, effortlessly manage list and record details side-by-side, and unlock even more exciting features. View the full enhanced functionality lists now

Find the updated user interface labels for AR, Company, GL and more here

Help and Training


Sage continuously strives to enhance online help and training resources, going beyond just introducing new features and enhancements. Check out Intacct's new and enhanced help for existing features content for help in all areas of Intacct.

*This features is also available in Accounts Receivable


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Dane Hoover

Written by Dane Hoover

Dane Hoover is a Senior Solutions Architect at RKL eSolutions. Her professional career began in the accounting field in both public accounting and private industry, and she started with software implementations in the year 2000. She has been working with Sage Intacct for the past 5 years. She lives in San Diego, CA.