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Work Smarter: Understanding Your Business Through Data Analysis

Are you spending time manually relying on Excel spreadsheets for business critical data? Do you crave more analytics to make business decisions?

Many business users, lacking the simple resources to explore data, uncover opportunities, and develop and share analysis without technical know-how. Sage Enterprise Intelligence allows you to pull data from multiple sources, create dashboards, and work with big data, all with access across multiple devices. The variability of interfaces to access your data – Web, Excel, Mobile – help you to crunch numbers in a more meaningful way.


Interface is an intuitive browser agnostic tool allowing you to do online analysis with drag and drop functionality. Sage Enterprise Intelligence doesn’t require users to be Sage ERP users, allowing for access via the web. This feature allows you to set up different user groups to access intelligence reports without granting access to the ERP solution.


Anywhere: Anytime access through most mobile devices. For example, say you’re traveling and want to look up customer data. The mobile functionality gives you the ability to interact with the Intelligence dashboard to view items such as sku volumes, quarterly analysis, or profit margins, all on the go.


Add-in allows users to build formulas and reports while keeping the ability to extract data real time for the custom reports. An example of a custom report could be highlighting GL account codes to populate debit/credit in real time. Sage Enterprise Intelligence allows you to pull the GL account description into Excel so you can populate the debit/credits for analysis in real time.

Users are empowered with a simple tool to access and analyze data in a self-sufficient manner, which eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialized skills, and can reduce time-to-decision by 20%.

Most ERP solutions allow you to look at transactional levels but a robust Business Intelligence tool helps with in-depth trends including: order efficiency, reorder points, sales pipeline, seasonal trends, best customers, the list goes on. Do you want more information or better information? Learn more about the Difference Between Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence and how Business Intelligence tools can bring light to your data.

Note: Sage Enterprise Intelligence is delivered as a hybrid on-premise solution, accessible through a Web client.

Sofia Pascuzzo

Written by Sofia Pascuzzo

Sofia is the Customer Marketing Associate at RKL eSolutions. She specializes in creating informational thought leadership style content for the RKL eSolutions customer base. When not working, Sofia leads her town's Hometown Heroes program, honoring local veterans.