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6 Reasons a Site Visit from RKL Can Boost Your Bottom Line in 2024

Beyond the obvious relational benefits of meeting with clients face-to-face, site visits provide a tremendous opportunity for our customers to enhance their knowledge and maximize the value of their technology investments. Here are 6 ways a site visit from RKL can increase your bottom line in 2024.

1. You might not even know you have a problem that we can solve!

When was the last time you really thought about the underlying ‘how’ and ‘why’ you approach your daily tasks? Simply dedicating time to this exercise opens up challenges that have become ingrained in your daily routine. It’s not uncommon for a customer to initially respond, “Everything is fine, but there is this one thing…”.

And, before you know it, and usually only minutes later, we’ve uncovered a list full of areas for potential improvement!

2. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Yes, it is cliché, but our team can spot challenges that keep companies from growing, scaling, and profiting. Whether it’s identifying file cabinets of physical documents (that could be eliminated with paperless documentation software), inventory handling issues in the warehouse (that could be solved by turning on a module you didn't know you had access to), or daily workflow routines, our team is looking for opportunities to share best practices and solve problems for your organization.

3. We have multiple solutions that can automate your manual tasks.

Our team will present solutions if there is genuine ROI to be realized but the purpose of a site visit isn’t to sell you more products or services.

More often than not, we can increase efficiencies simply by helping you more effectively use the tools, like your Sage software, that you rely on every day. It could mean addressing a question that’s been holding you back, simplifying a workflow, preparing a dashboard or helping you generate a report to access data for better decision-making.

4. Our consultants are experts with rich experiences to draw from.

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to the table, with an average of over 10 years in the private industry before joining our team. This diverse background, spanning various industries and organizational complexities, forms a solid foundation for sharing best practices and providing valuable insights to our clients. Our shared knowledge makes us well-equipped to help you tackle any challenges that come your way.

5. There’s always something new.

As technology advances and evolves, so do the possibilities for improving your business. With each release and update, new features, security patches, marketplace solutions, and automation capabilities are introduced. That's why our team goes above and beyond to stay up-to-date with rigorous training and certification standards and ensures that we retain our expert status. This expertise allows us to help our clients make the most of their Sage investments and more.

6. RKL is a trusted partner in the Sage ecosystem.

We are a member of the Sage Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC), representing the best-of-the-best Sage partners in the channel. Having a direct voice to Sage executives and developers creates an opportunity to use that stage on policies and product roadmaps that impact our clients and their satisfaction. We also participate in regional industry groups like IFT, CFMA, ITA, and other associations to network and sharpen our skills.


RKL encourages our consultants, Customer Success Managers, and staff to visit their clients. Regardless of the size or complexity of your company, we strongly believe that meeting on-site and visually going through your processes can help our clients solve complex problems. Contact us to schedule a site visit in the New Year to accelerate your growth! 


Walt Goodfield

Written by Walt Goodfield

Walt is based in Cleveland, OH and has been selling, implementing, and supporting ERP software for over 25 years. Currently, he is the Chief Business Officer at RKL eSolutions, driving revenue growth through customer acquisition and strategic business partner alliances.