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7 Ways RKL’s Customer Success Team can help you through your ERP Journey

Whether you are thinking of buying or have already purchased a Sage software solution, it is obvious that you are committed to elevating your business to the next level. While a shiny new ERP solution will undoubtedly set you on the path to achieving that goal, any new undertaking comes with a unique set of challenges.

Here is where our team of Customer Success Managers come into the picture.

As a Sage Value-Added Reseller (VAR), our expertise goes beyond implementation. Our team will listen to you, understand your business needs and goals, and will provide thorough assessments and suggestions for an optimal solution. We make sure that you understand how Sage software can work for you to ensure the best value from your investment.

Here are seven ways our CSM experts are devoted to your success so that your company grows, your profitability increases, and you stay ahead of the curve by using the latest solutions.

Expert guidance through training and onboarding

We know that ERP systems are complex, which is why we provide tailored training and onboarding so you will quickly become an experienced user and allow you to maximize the software to its fullest potential.

Setting goals, Get the most out of your investment

It is our mission to ensure that you get the most out of your Sage solution, so it can accommodate your business’s growth and scalability. Together, we will create short and long-term success plans in which we will assist you in advancing your business, allowing the system to work for you.

Cost and time saving

We will guide you through the process of making automated workflows so you can focus on other high-value tasks. Furthermore, we will ensure the software is running without fail to increase efficiency and cut unnecessary costs.

Customized solution

Our experts are informed on the plethora of customizable plug-ins that are specific to your needs and we will aid you through a seamless integration to enhance the system even further.

Quick response and reduced downtime

Having a reliable expert to turn to when questions or any issues arise is crucial to streamlining business processes. We are here to answer and connect you to the technical team while also reducing the system’s downtime.

Maintenance & software updates

The CSM team is always up to date on your systems annual maintenance requirements, when a new upgrade is on the market, or when subscriptions is up for renewal, keeping you informed along the way.

Customer advocacy

We are always gathering your valuable feedback regarding your experience with the Sage ERP system and RKL. We can then identify areas that require improvement and address the issues head-on to enhance overall user experience.

If you’re already a client, reach out to learn more about your options for a guided business review to help uncover any areas for improvement or helpful best practices that could apply to your Sage solution. Our CSM team is here to support you every step of the way. We are just a phone call or email away and would love to get you on the best path forward towards elevating your business.

Sofia Pascuzzo

Written by Sofia Pascuzzo

Sofia is the Customer Marketing Associate at RKL eSolutions. She specializes in creating informational thought leadership style content for the RKL eSolutions customer base. When not working, Sofia leads her town's Hometown Heroes program, honoring local veterans.