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Adaptive Insights' eBook: "Plan to Win"

We all know that change is constantly happening in today's markets and it's becoming a struggle to keep up in the fast-paced world. Business agility is the key to getting ahead of the market by being adaptive and flexible in the way we create, plan, and execute our strategies. "Plan to Win" reflects the collected experience and wisdom gained from working with thousands of companies, the insights of CFO's and FP&A practitioners, and Adaptive Insights' partners and other thought leaders, as well as research on how planning impacts business performance.

Read Rob Hull's- Founder of Adaptive Insights-thoughts about business agility and strategic planning

For businesses struggling with static and error-prone planning and reporting, the books sets forth a clear vision for the transformative impact of "active planning". The practices detailed provide a thorough guide for businesses to comprehensively, collaboratively, and continuously execute strategic  business planning. For those who seek to be tomorrow's winners, it charts a course to successfully plan the future in the ever-changing, digital world.

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