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Anti-Virus Scans in Sage 100

Antivirus Software is designed to detect and remove computer viruses, also known as malware from your computers. This can including Network Servers, individual Personal Computers, and Mobile Devices. Traditionally, they scan your data files flagging and marking files that appear to be unsafe.

Originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses, they have evolved to protect users from malicious browser helpers, browser hijackers, ransomware, key loggers, backdoors, Trojan horses, worms, and spyware. Some products also look for scams and phishing attachments, protecting your privacy when online. There are many new types of malware being invented which supports the dark webs ability to capture and hijack systems, devices, and both Personal and Business Data on a daily basis. It's not an easy process making sure your information is secure and protected.

Your Sage 100 Software needs to be protected as well. Recently, Sage updated their Knowledgebase Document # 45806, with new guidelines and recommendations. These recommendations include how to excluded Sage 100 rom Antivirus scans used by your security programs. Improper definition of the necessary exclusions will cause the Antivirus software to target and interfere with the functionality of your Sage 100 ERP System. The article refers to:

  • disabling aggressive or continuous network scanning of certain data files and program folders
  • excluding specific file extensions
  • setting Soa.NA.com as a trusted site

It is perfectly fine to have these scans run nightly when users are not logged into Sage 100. However, running an aggressive or continuous scan on Sage 100 programs will slow down the system and may incorrectly flag files and program a virus.

Your Network Team will need to work with your Sage 100 Consulting Team to confirm they have properly defined the exceptions and active scanning for the most effective use of Sage 100. If you need more information on what is provided in the Sage Knowledgebase article, reach out to your RKL eSolutions representative for Support. We can provide suggestions and recommendations regarding your specific Antivirus Software and the most effective ways to use it with your Sage 100 ERP Software.

Madeline Stefanou

Written by Madeline Stefanou