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Laura Atkins

Laura Atkins
Laura is a Marketing Manager at RKL eSolutions, specializing in Digital Media and Content Marketing.
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Q&A with Orchestra BioMed

Orchestra BioMed is a US-based biomedical innovation company providing high-impact solutions for large unmet needs in procedure-based medicine, primarily focused on the development of interventional devices, bioelectronic and neuromodulation .

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5 Software Providers to Enhance and Automate your ERP System

Independent software vendors or ISVs provide solutions that allow users to tailor their existing ERP system their individual business workflows. ISVs can help automate key processes like budgeting, accounts payable and document management, enhancing .

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The time to secure your digital activity is now.

The prevalence of the Internet in business today has opened us up to a world of opportunity. We can streamline processes, access data and connect teams and remote offices like never before. Unfortunately over all of these benefits of doing business .

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4 Reasons to Stop using Excel for Budgeting and Planning

Many companies, even those with established systems for other business functions, still rely on excel when it comes to their budgeting and planning needs. This often means a drawn-out planning period, constant updating of formulas and versions and .

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Adoption of New Technology in the Accounting Industry

When managing other people's money, one can never be to careful. With modern cyber threats looming over every computer, it's not surprising that the accounting industry has shied away from adopting cutting-edge technology into their daily processes. .

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