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Real-world benefits of implementing a true-cloud ERP

Six RKL eSolutions clients describe the ways that Sage Intacct has most impacted their business. 

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Significant amounts of time have been saved to process invoice and sales transactions. Approval routing is stored electronically for record retention as well as used as a reference. Our financial reporting process is now accomplished monthly vs. annually. Additionally, due to Covid-19 and employees working remotely, our processes were not impacted at all. Since we did the planning and building of our process’s months ago with the intent to be able to work from anywhere, we were able to flip a switch easily to work from home seamlessly. It has been a great experience with Sage Intacct and RKL has been an integral part of our progress.

Josh Aiello, Corporate Controller

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It’s a time saver. The amount of time it was taking to go back and forth between data sets in our previous system was costly. The staff is more productive after using Sage Intacct now that we can see a transaction in detail, without going back and forth to the various modules. The risk reduction is a huge factor, by being on a cloud-based software, we have greatly reduced the risk of having our accounting processes come to a complete halt if our system fails or if there's a hardware problem. We can operate Intacct from any computer, anywhere, and still be productive.

Michelle Garretson, Controller
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Our small team has room to scale with the business and is shifting energy into value-added activities, versus spending 90% of their time working through accounting checklist items. With Sage Intacct alleviating much of the administrative effort, we’re spending half the time on those processes and becoming strategic advisors.

Brett Abbey, CFO

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Streamlined processes across our technology stack accelerated the financial close cycle by 40%, allowing our company to realize significant hard/soft cost savings.  These savings now allow me to reallocate my time to projects closer to 50%. We’ve also improved team morale because people no longer spend their time on mundane tasks, and enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere due to cloud-based systems.

Bryan Schmitt, Unite Here Health
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We can now look at data in ways that weren’t possible before. In our old system it was very difficult to customize reports. With Sage Intacct, we can easily add or remove columns and rows and use dimensions to see data from many different angles. We have an executive team that is always traveling. They can easily view these reports from anywhere and get the information they need, whenever they need it.

Lyuba Ross, Controller

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While we were using QuickBooks, it was extremely difficult to produce reporting across 25 companies. The report consolidation process was a tedious and time-consuming task involving downloads to Excel and manually summarizing data that would easily take a full day of effort. Today, the same consolidated reporting with Intacct takes just 3 minutes. The executives also have access to the data and can view reports without having to rely on the accounting team. Using Intacct has provided a better work/life balance for the finance team at AMBI. It’s an intangible, but highly valuable benefit.

Chris Hickey, CFO

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