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Help! My email invoices aren't sending in Sage 100

Recently an issue with sending email invoices has been identified in Sage 100 versions 2018 and lower. We’ve recently had several reports of the inability to email invoices from Sage 100. 

The Issue:

The e-mail engine used in Sage 100 2018 and lower use TLS 1.0 security protocol, which is deprecated due to known security issues. Major providers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. have either discontinued use in favor of current TLS 1.2 standards, or have plans to do so in the immediate future. Specifically, Microsoft Exchange Online has begun a “road bump” approach to ending TLS 1.0 support, allowing some emails to go through and some to error.

Options for Resolution:

  • Option 1: Upgrade Sage 100 to v2019 and above; these software versions use the current standard of TLS encryption: TLS 1.2
  • Option 2: Create the Sage PDF Document and Individually Email outside of the system (instead of using Sage 100 Electronic Delivery)
  • Option 3: Setup an SMTP Third Party Relay (Additional Information Below)

Setting up an SMTP Third Party Relay

Please Note: This is a temporary workaround. Please reach out to your CSM to discuss upgrading Sage 100 to a version that is supported with TLS 1.2.

As a more immediate workaround than upgrading, we recommend a Third Party Relay Service. This service will accept TLS 1.0 then upgrade the security to TLS 2.0 before delivering the mail to the end-user. If your company is sending less than 1,000 emails per month, then this service is free. Otherwise, it is approximately $15 per month for up to 100,000 emails per month.

If you are an RKL eSolutions client and you need assistance with setting up the Third Party Relay Service, please reach out to RKL Support. If you are not an RKL eSolutions client, please reach out to your implementation partner or IT services vendor directly for support. 

Shannon Sadowsky

Written by Shannon Sadowsky

Shannon is the Sage 100 Practice Director at RKL eSolutions and has 16 years of consulting and implementation experience. She works at every stage of implementation, understanding a business’s challenges, ensuring a clients’ requirements are met and they are happy with RKL services. When not working, Shannon enjoys Disney days with her kids, spending time with family and friends, and spends way too much time at the baseball fields for her kids.