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How to Delete a Validated Delivery in 4 Easy Steps

Ever have the problem where you have created a Delivery for a Sales Order and then Validated the Delivery, only to realize that there is a mistake?    Now you want to delete the Delivery but the Delete Button is grayed out.

You can see in the screen below that Validated Button is no longer highlighted which means the Delivery has been Validated (Posted).   You can also see that the Delete button is grayed out.

So how can you delete the Delivery?     


Lines Tab


1. Go to the Lines tab and click on the Action button at the beginning of the Line.


Lines Tab


2. Click on Modification of Issues.


Modification of Issues


3. This screen will now pop up – change the To Ship field to 0.

Modification of Issues Screen

4. Click Ok when you get this warning. Now Save.


You will return to the original Delivery screen, since this is the only line the Delivery is now deleted. If you have several lines you will need to repeat this for each line.

If there was a Pick Ticket – this process will also cancel the Pick Ticket.

Now you know how to delete a Validated Delivery.

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Debbie Ivill

Written by Debbie Ivill

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