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How to Match Open Items in Sage X3

Sage X3 uses an automatic matching process when posting open items which are applied to other open items. For example a payment made for some invoices is posted. During this posting process the details are loaded into a temporary table called MTCBATCH. Within this table the documents are matched together, open item entries are marked as closed, and the entries are then cleared from the MTCBATCH table.

There are instances where the matching process is interrupted and the matching does not complete. The result is a quantity that displays in the ‘Matching’ field in the Accounting tasks.

Accouting Task - 1

Clearing this field is a manual process. The steps below will show you how to create a query tool to view the suspended matching items and how to clear them from the MTCBATCH table.

The first thing to check is to make sure the accounting tasks are running. After you have verified that everything is running proceed with the next steps.

Creating a Query tool to identify incomplete records

  1. Go to Setup > Usage > Reports > Query Tool
  2. Create a new Query like below. Make sure to add the link expression formula: [F:DAE]DAE2 = [F:MTB]ACCNUM
    Query Tools - 2
  3. Validate and run the query
    Suspended Matching MTCBATCH - 3

You can see two sets of matching that failed. We can go to manual matching to view the entries and complete the matching as needed.

Completing the matching using manual matching

  1. Go to Financials > Matching > Manual matching
  2. Complete the matching process if needed
    Manual Matching - 4

Remove the entries from the suspended matching table

(A user with administrative permissions may be required for this process)
  1. Go to Development > Utilities > Maintenances > In lines
  2. Enter MTCBATCH in the ‘Table’ field
  3. Click ‘OK
  4. Click on ‘Selection…’ from the list on the right
  5. Enter the Match number (MTCNUM) from the query tool results
  6. Click ‘OK
    Selection Criteria - 6
  7. Click the delete icon  from the list on the right
    Table Maintenance MTCBATCH -7
  8. Click 'Yes'
    Confirm the Cancellation - 8
  9. Click the scroll arrow to move to the next record with the same MTCNUM
    Scroll Arrows -9
  10. Delete any remaining records
  11. Go to Accounting Tasks and review the Matching field. Confirm that it says '0'
    Accounting Task Matching - 10


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LeeAnn Segan

Written by LeeAnn Segan

LeeAnn Segan is an ERP Support Specialist with RKL eSolutions LLP. She supports Sage 500 ERP and Sage X3. LeeAnn specializes in the financial and distribution modules. Her background includes managing distribution and warehousing for ecommerce based companies. When not working, LeeAnn enjoys working out, volunteering with groups that support special needs, and spending time at the beach with family and friends.