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How to Track Your Collections with Sage Intacct

Are you having a hard time tracking collections? Here are some tips that can be used with Standard Intacct—no add-on module required.

Enter Collection Notes

The first step is to enter any collection notes in the customer file using collaborate or custom fields. In here, user defined fields can be created for notes and choosing when to assign a follow-up date. The action 'Collaborate' can be used to track notes and will automatically stamp each entry with the correct date and time. It can also be used to alert other team members that an action is needed.

Tracking Collection - Collections View

Once this information is entered, you are able to create a custom view with the collections fields and then use the filter option to show the customers with balances on their accounts.

Tracking Collection - Customers View

Resending Invoices to Customers

If you'd like to re-send outstanding invoices to your customers through a PDF, go to Order Entry > Print. We recommend creating a custom email specific for collections that would be different than sending original invoices. (To create a custom email, go to Company > Email Templates.) Make sure the following are reviewed before sending:

  • Enter date range to include older invoice dates
  • Check 'Previously Sent'
  • Check 'Unpaid Only'
  • Enter minimum amount to exclude zero or small amounts that should be written off

Tracking Collection - Print-Email Document

Tracking Collection - Print-Email Document 2


Feel free to reach out and ask us any questions you may have with your collections!

Karen Hanley

Written by Karen Hanley