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Sage ERP X3 Index Incorrect Error

Occasionally, when accessing a screen in Sage ERP X3, an error similar to below will occur.

Sage X3 Index Incorrect Screen Popup

Sage X3 Incorrect Index Error Code

Example - Grid of Items

This issue will often appear on screens where a grid of items is displayed. The example below shows the Suppliers tab on the Sage X3 Products screen.

Suppliers tab on Sage X3 Products screen

The Issue

The supplier grid is defined as a Block type of table, with a fixed number of lines. In the example below, the error will appear if there are more than 99 suppliers for a product.

Sage X3 Supplier Grid

Resolution 1 - Table blocks without an Activity Code

To fix the problem, assign a higher value for the Line variable. Make sure it is a number that will cover the maximum number of lines for this particular data item. Assign an Activity Code to protect the change.

Sage X3 Activity Code

Save and re-validate the screen. The error on the Sage X3 screen should no longer appear.

Resolution 2 - Table blocks with Activity Codes

In some screens, an activity code is used to define the maximum number of lines in the table. Below is an example of the Sage X3 Order Management lines screen. Instead of having a hard-coded number of lines for the Table, the Activity Code "SOH" is used to define the number of lines.

Sage X3 Order Management lines screen

The number of lines associated with the SOH activity code is 200. If more than 200 lines could possibly be on a sales order, this value should be changed at the activity code, as shown below.

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