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Sage Intacct Financial Dashboards for CFOs

For finance executives, financial dashboards provide a quick synopsis of their entire organization, hitting on the key points and metrics without digging into data.

The Sage Intacct CFO dashboard gives executives critical views of how the company is performing. Examples include:

  • Continuous roll-up functionality
  • Ability to view a variety of charts at once
  • Cash flow detail by entity
  • Revenue trend by region
  • Salary and wages by department
  • Royalty expenses
  • Current Cash balances
  • And more!

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Sage Intacct CFO Dashboard

Sage Intacct’s dashboards aren't just static representations of data; they’re dynamic and to give you up-to-date real time visibility into what's going on in an organization. For example, a CFO may want to understand more, not just about what's happening on a corporate level but also in a specific location or a Controller may need to understand why expenses of going up year over year. Sage Intacct’s dashboards allow users to filter data using customizable dimensions for locations, projects, entities and more and to drill down into specific data all the way to the transaction level. This allows finance professionals to get a comprehensive view of the data points in their organization, identify red flags and use that information to drive strategic decisions.

Sage Intacct Salary and Wages

Sage Intacct Cash Flow Statement


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David Cieslak, CPA.CITP (aka “Inspector Gadget”) is the Chief Cloud Officer at RKL eSolutions, helping mid-sized businesses automate accounting & finance processes.

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