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Need More Manufacturing Messages to Track Operations in Sage X3

Adding Operation Tracking Message in Sage X3

When doing Operation Tracking in X3 there are a series of messages that can be added to the Operation Tracking. These messages can be used on Custom reports to display information about the operation that was tracked.

Here are the Standard messages that come with X3:

So for example, if an Operation took longer because there was an Electrical Problem with the machine, you could enter message 1004 when tracking the operation.   Then you could have a custom report for tracking and times – if you included this message on the report, then you would know why the operation took longer than the standard.

Standard Manufacturing Message Sage X3

Many times Customers need more or different messages.

This can be accomplished by Navigating to Common Data > Manufacturing Tables > Messages

If you have less than 100 messages you can just continue to add more messages on the next available line.

In the example below I added Message 1008 and 1009 – then Save.

Sage X3 Common Manufacturing Messages

Need More than 100 Manufacturing Messages in Sage X3

In standard X3 the limit is 100 Messages, but if you need more than that you will need to do the following:

Navigate to Development > Data and Parameters > Tables

Choose table TABMSG from the left list.

You can see that the number of records allowed is 100.

Sage X3 Update Manufacturing Messages

Change the number of records to 200 – tab out, Save, then Validate.

Sage X3 Increase Manufacturing Message Record Count

When you validate – if this comes up, Select Search….

Sage X3 Operations Message Validation

Then in this screen click on the first option.

Sage X3 Operations Message Selection

Click on Ok here, the validation will happen, then close the page.

Sage X3 Table Validation

Next, navigate to Development > Script Dictionary > Screens, choose screen TMS1 from the left list. You can see the Line is set to 100.

Sage X3 Update Screen Code

Change it to 200, Save and Validate.  Answer Yes to Screen Validation.

Log out of X3 and back in.

Now you will be able to enter more than 100 Manufacturing messages.

By adding more messages that are specific to your business, your employees would have more information about why an operation took longer or maybe a different machine needed to be used because the standard machine was in disrepair. This could also be helpful if a problem with one of the machines for the operation caused the job to be delayed, (maybe for a day while the machine was repaired) you could use the messages to explain why the tracking was not on time.

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