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New Features with a Major Impact in Sage 100

Throughout 2021, Sage 100 added a nice collection of new features that, individually, might not make you jump out of your seat, but together deliver a faster and more efficient user experience. Here's a look at a few of them.

Easier to Identify Company Types

You can now see at a glance whether the current company is live, demo, archive, etc. After selecting types for your companies in 'Company Maintenance' and setting up display preferences in 'System Configuration', you can see the type in the title bar of your task windows. When you upgrade from an earlier Sage 100 version, 'Live' is automatically selected for all companies that are converted, which you can change if needed.

Copying Companies and Settings is Faster

When copying a company in Company Maintenance, you now have the option to also carry over form and report settings, default form selections, custom forms, and custom reports (available in subscription version only).

Maintain Default Form Codes

A new task, Default Form Maintenance, has been added in Library Master allowing you to:

  • Maintain default form codes by company and role, or individual user
  • Select a template for Standard form codes if no template is already associated with the code
  • Prevent users from changing the default form code within the form tasks

Quickly View List of Documents Sent Through Paperless Office

Two inquiry tasks have been added to the Paperless Office Main menu that make it quick and easy to view a list of documents that have been sent to customers and vendors. There are several options for filtering the list (i.e. based on delivery type and status) and you can also resent documents from the list box or export the list to Microsoft Excel (subscription version only).

Drill Down Option in Purchase Order Entry and Inquiry

Two drill-down buttons have been added to the Totals tab in 'Purchase Order Entry' and 'Purchase Order Inquiry'. A 'Receipt History Inquiry' button has been added next to the 'Last Receipt Date' field. If one or more receipts exist for the purchase order, click the button to view the receipts(s). An 'Invoice History Inquiry' button has been added next to the 'Last Invoice Date' field. If one or more invoices exist for the purchase order, click the button to view the invoice(s).

Supported platforms update

Sage recently updated their supported platforms matrix for all current version of Sage 100. These documents include important specifications for supported operating systems, hardware, and server/network environments.

Sage 100 2019, 2020, and 2021 (Standard, Advanced, Premium) are all listed as compatible with Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise.


Don't hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions you may have regarding these updates, it's what we're here for! You can also let Sage know of any ideas and features you want on the Sage 100 Ideas Forum!

Shannon Sadowsky

Written by Shannon Sadowsky

Shannon is the Sage 100 Practice Director at RKL eSolutions and has 16 years of consulting and implementation experience. She works at every stage of implementation, understanding a business’s challenges, ensuring a clients’ requirements are met and they are happy with RKL services. When not working, Shannon enjoys Disney days with her kids, spending time with family and friends, and spends way too much time at the baseball fields for her kids.