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How to Get Out of the Sunk Cost Trap

Some years ago I was working “The World of Concrete” (a giant, international trade show held annually in Las Vegas) for a software company offering a product to the industry.

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Using the Built-in Help System Whether you’re a Sage 100 newbie or seasoned pro, everyone gets stumped and needs a little help. Of course, you can always contact us to request phone or email support. But a lot of customers don’t realize that they .

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How to Delete a Validated Delivery in 4 Easy Steps

Ever have the problem where you have created a Delivery for a Sales Order and then Validated the Delivery, only to realize that there is a mistake?    Now you want to delete the Delivery but the Delete Button is grayed out.

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Inventory Management Best Practices – Part 1

It's unquestionable that you cannot manage your inventory if you do not control your inventory. Many times, I have been told, “Our people just don’t trust the numbers they see in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Everything has to be .

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