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Creating a Copy Company in Sage 100

For Backup and Archive

At year-end, it’s useful to create an archive company using the Copy Company Feature in Sage 100. This provides a readily accessible copy (and backup) of the current year’s data even after you perform Sage 100 year-end processing in your live company.

To make a copy company, go to:
Library Master > Main Menu > Company Maintenance

  1. Create a new company code and company name (description) that’s easy to identify and distinguish from the live/active company that you’re copying.
  2.  Click the Copy button and enter the Company Code of your current year live (or “Source”) company.
  3. Select the modules you want to copy to your archive company. To create a complete archive/backup, you’ll want to copy all modules. Click Proceed. Once the process is finished, click Accept.

Note: For good measure, you might run a trial balance in each module and do a quick spot check to make sure all the data that came over is balanced and accurate.

Watch the Video

Watch a recorded demonstration of the Copy Company process in action.

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Tim Efinger

Written by Tim Efinger