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Sage HRMS: Your ticket to superior human resources

What should a modern human resources solution provide? HR is unique because it connects to every person in the organization – it isn't siloed like other departments. Accordingly, the stakes are high for ensuring proper communication with all employees, and also complying with a growing set of applicable regulations, such as the Affordable Care Act and COBRA. Your HR platform should streamline these specific tasks and ultimately help you retain and improve your workforce.

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The new table stakes for HR: Accurate and centralized decision-making

With that ideal in mind, spending on HR tech has been rising in recent years. According to a 2015 survey from Employee Benefit News, 44 percent of HR decision-makers reported investing more in their systems in 2015 than in 2014, and 38 percent expected a further increase in 2016.

With Sage HRMS, HR teams can improve their benefits systems.

With Sage HRMS, HR teams can streamline their employee benefits programs.

The major driver of this trend has been the desire to overhaul employee portals and combine multiple capabilities (e.g., health and paid time off) into a single platform. Sage HRMS, which integrates with Sage 300, is the perfect solution for this task:

  • It contains a centralized HR database, which creates a single source of truth across the organization. Duplicates and errors become easier to control, while information about items such as employee benefits become more straightforward to track and send to Sage 300 payroll.
  • Automation is at the heart of Sage HRMS. Events, certifications, benefits eligibility, and employee reviews can all be automatically tracked within the solution, freeing HR teams up to focus on other tasks. They don't have to log so much time hunting down and reviewing Excel sheets to find this data.
  • Decision-making gets an enormous boost from the complete integration of HR processes into the Sage HRMS system. For example, the entire sequence from employee recruiting to onboarding and benefits enrollment is simplified. Common changes such as address updates only have to be done once.
  • Compliance with everything from OSHA standards to the Family and Medical Leave Act is more practical, thanks to a tightly integrated HR solution. Approvals can be assigned and routed to the right people, plus employees may even initiate their own actions to request time off or document a safety incident.

These technical features, incorporated into the coherent design of Sage HRMS, help you save time and money in administering HR benefits. Beyond that, they ensure you are proactive in managing your organization's workforce: You can make superior decisions about your personnel and better retain your best employees.

"You can better retain your best employees with Sage HRMS."

An industry-leading HR platform like Sage HRMS gives you a decisive advantage in maximizing return on employee investment through detailed tracking and precise benefits-related processes. With the help of an experienced partner such as RKL, you can set up Sage HRMS and tailor it closely to your firm's specific requirements. Find out more about how you can modernize your HR operations by contacting us for more information on your future implementation.

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