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Sage HRMS: Version 2019 Coming Soon!

It seems like it has been a while since Sage HRMS added major feature enhancements. That’s why people are buzzing about the upcoming Sage HRMS 2019 release. Here’s a preview of what we expect to see when the new 2019 version becomes available.

Sage HRMS 2019 Overview

While product updates to Sage HRMS will always ensure compliance with current mandates in HR and payroll, the updates coming in 2019 are predominantly focused on enhancing the experience within Employee Self Service

New Features

Here’s what to expect with Sage HRMS 2019.1:

Enhanced organization chart in ESS

Employees can view their managers and direct reports and drill down, which makes is easier for colleagues to find one another for various projects and search.

New Two Factor Authentication

Better security for employees accessing the system.

Employees can add their own profile picture in ESS

The picture can automatically transfer to HRMS, improving efficiency and making the system more personal.

Calendar attachment when receiving time off requests

Managers are now able to add the time-off request to their calendar (big request from Sage City customers).

Add personal email and phone numbers 

Employees can now add personal email and phone numbers on the company phone list page on their own (previously required admin/manager).

New check box for Mail Relay

Allows you to set up an anonymous email for replies.

Benefit Letters in ESS

Employees can now see their confirmation letters for Open Enrollment in ESS instead of HR having to print and send them.

Display Employee Attachments in ESS

Previously only available in HR, employees can now view their attachments page in ESS.

View My Menus from mobile page in ESS

Previously My Menus were only available on a computer in ESS, but are now available on mobile devices.

Updates to Life Events in ESS

Added ability to delete Open Enrollments that are in an Updated Status.

Stay Tuned!

Sage HRMS 2019 is not yet available. But stay tuned to our newsletter and we’ll make sure to let you know when the new version is released and available for download.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions that come up.

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