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Going Global With Sage ERP X3

Sage X3 GlobalERP Features Designed On An International Scale

Globalization is more than just a buzzword. With today’s technology, even the smallest ‘mom and pop’ shop can sell their products all over the world. But sometimes, it’s the operational hurdles (not geographic borders) that prevent companies from going global.  So here’s a look at some of the built-in features of Sage ERP X3 that are designed for international business.

International Development Team

First and foremost, it’s worth pointing out that Sage ERP X3 is developed and designed by a diverse product team that hails from several different countries.  A software product ultimately reflects the team that builds it and the Sage X3 folks truly make up a diverse, innovative, and “world-wise” group.

The International Language of Efficiency

With a wide variety of language choices, Sage ERP X3 is ready for global business. Everyone on your team, from the executive offices to the warehouse floor, can use the system in their native tongue.  This flexibility also extends to your customers who can be billed in multiple countries, in their native language and currency.  Even if you don’t have offices across the globe, this feature still comes in handy for domestic companies that hire employees who speak different languages.

Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen ...

From Pesos and Pounds to Euros and Yen, Sage X3 multicurrency features provide automated rate conversion, along with the ability to produce reports, invoices, and payments in the currency of your customers and vendors. A centralized table of all exchange rates allows you to leverage the power of automation to track ever-changing currency valuation and manage gain/loss adjustments.

Local and Regional Settings

When it comes to regional settings and localization, the configuration options in Sage ERP X3 can accommodate the nuances of almost any accounting law or tax jurisdiction.  So rather than running different ERP systems/versions for each country you operate in (which is costly!), Sage X3 handles it all in one single version.

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