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Sage X3 Partial Deliveries on Sales Orders Complete

Sage X3 Ship Order Complete with all lines in one Delivery

When you flag a Sales Order for ‘Ship Order Complete’ you want this Order to ship all lines at the same time in one Delivery.

Does your company have Sales Orders that are marked ‘Ship Order Complete’ but you are getting Partial Shipments on those Sales Orders?

Do you use FUNAUTDLV – which is under Sales > Deliveries > Order Deliveries?

This may be the reason why you are getting Partial Deliveries on these Sales Orders, see below:

You have a Sales Order with the Shipment date of 3/13/18 in the Header and it is flagged as ‘Ship Order Complete’.

Sage X3 Ship Order Complete

Sage X3 Sales Order with Multiple lines


This Sales Order has multiple lines and the product for some lines is NOT available, therefore not allocated.

See below Line 1, product BMS004 does not have enough available stock to fill this order.

Sage X3 Sales Order Full Entry


If you were to try and Deliver this Sales Order by clicking on Delivery on the right the following message will pop up:

The Ship Order Complete flag on the Order is not a blocking flag – it will let you deliver partials if you answer ‘Yes’ to the message below.

But if you use FUNAUTDLV (Order Deliveries or Automatic Deliveries) and it is doing a Partial Delivery, see below.

Sage X3 Partial Delivery

For the product that was not in stock previously – the product is now in stock and the Order is fully allocated.

Remember the Header ship date on this order is 3/13/18 and for this example today’s date is 3/9/18.

As you can see below, all lines on the Sales Order are now allocated.

Sage X3 Sales Order Allocation

If you use FUNAUTDLV - Go to Sales > Deliveries > Order Deliveries – this function will deliver all Sales Order Lines up to and including the Shipment date in the parameter screen.Sage X3 FUNAUTDLV

Enter your Company and Site and let the rest of the fields default.

The ‘Shipments Until’ date will default to the current date.

Sage X3 Automatic Delilvery Generation

After it runs – go back to your ‘Ship Order Complete’ Sales Order and take a look.

It now says ‘Partially Delivered’Sage X3 Partial Delivered

Line 1 for product BMS004 is the product that was delivered.  This is the same product that did not have stock at the time the Order was entered.

On the Delivery tab – find the ‘Last Delivery no.’ click on the action box, then click on Delivery…..

SageX3 Last Delivery no.

This is the Delivery – notice the Shipment Date is 3/9/18.  If you remember the Shipment Date on our Sales Order is 3/13/18.

So you are wondering since this Sales Order was marked ‘Ship Order Complete’ and the Sales Order Delivery Date is 3/13/18, how did it get a Partial Delivery dated 3/9/18?

Sage X3 Shipment Date Change



The reason is, that line 1 of the Sales Order had the Shipment Date changed to 3/9/18.

When the FUNAUTDLV (Order Deliveries or Automatic Deliveries) runs it checks the Shipment Dates in the Sales Order Lines NOT in the Header.

FUNAUTDLV does NOT look at the Ship Order Complete flag.

An Enhancement request has been entered to have FUNAUTDLV take into account the Ship Order Complete flag but it has not been completed yet.

To prevent this from happening, please make sure that all Sales Order Lines Shipment Dates and Delivery Dates match the Sales Order Header Shipment and Delivery Dates for Sales Orders that are flagged as ‘Ship Order Complete’.

If all the dates are the same then the Order will be shipped Complete on the Shipment date from the Sales Order providing that there is available stock for all products.

Sage X3 Sales Order ALL - Full Entry

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