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How to Make Backflush Material Issue Process Simpler in Sage X3


Do you use backflush components for your work orders but don’t want them to show up when you use material issue on your ADC guns so you don’t accidentally over issue them? The steps below will walk you through how to make your material issue process a little cleaner.

  1. Navigate to Common data, products, products.
  2. Select your component that is back flushed and click on the Product – site button on the right.
  3. Change the stock Withdrawal mode to “Backflush"
  4. Sage X3 Back Flush StockClick Save.
  5. Navigate to Setup, Manufacturing, Entry transactions, Material tracking plan.
  6. Click on the Filters/sort tab.
  7. Change the Stock Withdrawal filter to show immediate only.Sage X3 Material Tracking Plan
  8. Click Save.

Now when you perform material issues only the components that ARE NOT set to backflush will show for you to dictate actual consumption and issue to the work order.

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