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Stock Availability on Sales Order Lines

During sales order entry your customer service rep can’t see what’s in the existing inventory. This can lead to warehouse employees taking time away from their tasks to conduct manual checks, ultimately culminating in order delays and unhappy customers. Fortunately you can configure Sage X3 to provide availability of product during sales order entry.  A new enhancement in Sage X3 V12 allows CSRs to see the Stock Availability on Sales Order Lines.

Stock Availability video_Final

What are the benefits of this enhancement?
On a Sales Order Line you can now see Stock Availability
You can use the Action icon at the Ordered Quantity and Quantity to Allocate field to view:

  1. Stock by Site
  2. Projected Stock

There are 2 Pre-requisites for the Enhancement.

First under Setup > General Parameters > Parameter Values
Chapter VEN
Group MIS
Parameter SOHVALLIG Line order valuation, must be set to YES for this functionality to work.

1- Parameter Values

Secondly, under Setup > Sales Entry Transaction, the ‘Availability of Product’ box must be checked.

2- Sales Order Transaction

Now let’s take a look at how this works.

When you enter a Sales Order Line where the product has all the stock available you get a message like the one highlighted below, letting you know that there is stock available for this Sales Order line.

3- Sales Order ALL

4- Valuation

When you enter a Sales Order line where the product has partial availability you will get a message similar to the one shown below. It gives the stock now available and how much is needed to complete the allocation for the order.

6-Valuation -2

When you enter a Sales Order line and there is no available stock a message like the one below appears:

7- Valuation 3

You can go to the Available or Projected Stock screens by clicking on the Action Icon when in the Ordered Quantity or Quantity to allocate fields:

8- Sales Order All -full

Clicking on Available stock takes you to the Available stock Inquiry:
9-Available Stock

Clicking on Projected Stock takes you to the Projected Stock Inquiry Screen.
6- Projected Stock

Now you know how to use the new Stock Availability on Sales Order lines Enhancement.

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