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Top 5 Trends why Sage Clients choose AP Automated Solutions

As a trusted partner of Sage ERP clients from coast to coast, RKL eSolutions is curious how our clients adapt to ever-changing business requirements and attentive to new trendsand technology that help our clients manage volume and growth. 

AP automated solutions are trending because they replace manual transactions and deliver quick ROI for companies of all sizes. Here are five common benefits that our clients have realized from AP Automation projects this year.

  1. Collaboration and workflows efficiently route specific transactions for review and approval throughout the organization. Automating the process provides insight on status, actions and next steps. Complex routing rules based on dollar thresholds, multiple or alternate contacts, and external notifications provide real-time access to designated users through alerts and dashboards.
  2. Automating AP transactions, from Purchase Orders to Invoice Approvals, allows companies to manage growth and volume without adding labor resources. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to interpret and process transactional data eliminates errors and manual intervention that frees up valuable human capital for more important tasks.
  3. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities capture critical transactional information for automated entry. Like AI, OCR technology eliminates manual intervention, data entry errors and stores document attachments for easy recall to simplify audits and journal traceability integrity.
  4. Automating AP solutions along with Document Management capabilities reduces paper forms including checks and invoices. Our clients have begun replacing boxes, traditional file cabinets, and document storage services by capturing and storing documents at master record and related transactions. Utilizing technology and disk space is good for the environment, too!
  5. Sage ERP solutions, depending on your specific version, offer deployment models varying from legacy on-premises, private Cloud, public Cloud and hybrid environments. Integrated AP Automation solutions are adaptable to Sage ERP platforms and offer out-of-box connectivity regardless of where your data resides.

If your AP team is challenged trying to balance volume and growth with current staff levels or struggling with manual entries and reconciliation of data entry errors, it may be time to review an AP Automated solution. RKL eSolutions and Altec can assist with an assessment of your current state along with projected ROI benefits of automation.

Walt Goodfield

Written by Walt Goodfield

Walt is based in Cleveland, OH and has been selling, implementing, and supporting ERP software for over 25 years. Currently, he is the Chief Business Officer at RKL eSolutions, driving revenue growth through customer acquisition and strategic business partner alliances.