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WEBINAR: Maximize the profitability of your warehouse in Sage ERP


is your warehouse management Tool capturing labor costs?

Historically, when people talk about warehouse management systems, they're usually talking about inventory control...how much inventory we have, where it's located, and what's the most efficient way to pick inventory.  However, if we limit warehouse management to only inventory, we are missing an even larger part of your warehouse operations: labor.

In most warehouses, labor can account for as much as 50% of the annual operating budget.  However, according to Gartner, most companies under 100 warehouse employees don't have a system to track worker productivity because the return from the system doesn't justify the cost.

Modern systems like EVS' mobe3® WMS offer a new, more holistic way to approach warehouse management where labor and inventory are treated as integral components of the system.  When managed together, mid-sized warehouses can have visibility into the entire operation of their warehouse, increasing both efficiency and operating profits.

Join the webinar on Aug 6, 202 at 10AM pst - 1PM est to learn how to enhance your Sage ERP’s capabilities by maximizing the labor efficiency and profitability of your warehouse.

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