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What's New in Sage X3 Version 12?

 Sage X3 Version 12 is now available, which introduces great new user interface improvements, as well as business-building features for finance, distribution, manufacturing, and project management. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this latest release.

Sage X3 Version 12 Features Overview

As you know, each new Sage software release includes a wide range of enhancements, performance improvements, and updates that meet requests from users like you, and the new Sage Enterprise Management Version 12 is no exception.

Here’s what we think are some of the best new features to look for in the latest version.

User Interface

All areas in Sage EM Version 12 benefit from the latest UI improvements, including:

  • Responsive Header and Design – The new, responsive header and design across your entire system make it easy to find the tools and menu items you need on any size screen, from mobile to desktop.
  • Simplified Navigation – Access your most-used menu items with a Favorite star or find rarely-used tools quickly with the comprehensive sitemap that covers both modules and core functions.

SImplified Navigation


Sage Enterprise Management adds efficiency and accountability to all operations with:

  • Electronic Signatures and Journal Traceability – Un-falsifiable signatures help improve the safety of your sales transactions and journal entries, and enhanced journal traceability meets the latest audit requirements.
  • Additional Reporting – Get new reports on suppliers, customers, GL account journals, and balances, so you can increase your financial insight with immediately available data.

Sage EM additional reporting

Distribution Distribution companies are likely to experience massive time savings with the latest features in Version 12 including:

  • License Plate Numbers – Easily track containers and logistics units (e.g. pallets, drums, boxes) across the entire distribution process and gain accurate insight into each product’s lifecycle across the warehouse for hassle-free compliance.
  • Improved Distribution Flexibility – Distributors benefit from a wide range of enhancements and improvements in this version, affecting everything from sales, invoicing, and purchasing, to EDI and better costing functionality.


Manufacturing New, “must-have” functionality in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) meets compliance requirements in the quality process and adds important scheduling updates.

  • Non-Conformance Functionality – A “non-conformance” means that something went wrong in a service, product, or process, from a customer, a supplier, or in the system itself. The non-conformance can be identified through a range of sources, but once the problem is identified, it must be addressed through corrective or preventative actions. Sage EM now makes it easy to quickly create the non-conformance, as well as define, monitor, and review corrective actions.
  • Waiting Time Scheduling – Flexibly schedule both waiting and active time on a 24-hour time-frame, so you can account for events like machine cooling or other downtime.


Project Management

Gain better visibility into your projects with clear project snapshots that help you easily identify project trends and performance. Other improvements include:

  • PM Automation Tools – Simplify and speed up stock allocations and project management budgeting with built-in automation.
  • Labor Time Tracking – Mandate time entry and get at-a-glance insight into your user capacity utilization with color-coded entries. Red indicates under-utilization, orange indicates over-utilization, and green assures you of on-target utilization.
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