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How to setup WIP Finalization as a Recurring Task in Sage X3

Need to know how to close out the final step to cost your work orders?

WIP Finalization is the Final Step to Cost your Work Orders

This can also be accomplished when you close a Work Order if you answer Yes to the question:  “Production Cost Calculation?”Sage X3 Production Cost Calc

If you answer ‘No’ to this question when closing a Work Order then you must run WIP Finalization  (Costing > Production Cost > WIP Finalization)  to Cost the Work Order.

Many customer’s want to run WIP Finalization daily or weekly as a recurring task.

This can be done but there is a slight caveat for the parameters of this function.

To set this up as recurring task to go Usage > Batch Server > Recurring Task Management

Set up a new task similar to the one shown below using your folder name and the days and times that you want this to run.

This example runs every day at 9:00 AM

Sage X3 Recurring Tasks

Sage X3 Recurring Tasks Relative Date

After entering the above information you must set up the parameters.   Click on Parameters on the right and this screen will come up.  Enter the site and then click on the action button beside Order no. – you must select something here.  To get this to run for all the Closed (but not Costed ) Work Orders you need to put in a filter – so select ‘WO Filter’

Sage X3 WIP Finalization

When this screen comes up you can just enter the following – this will only choose Closed Work Orders – so if you put the formula in below it will choose all Closed Work orders that are Not equal to 1.

Then click Ok and close the page.

Sage X3 Object Selection

Check the Active button and Save.  Now WIP Finalization will run every day and cost all the closed Work Orders.

Sage X3 Recurring Task Code

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