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5 days of Sage X3 Web Services v12 Day 1

Day 1 Creating a Classic SOAP pool

Web services can be useful in providing real-time interfaces between any ERP System and an external 3rd party or custom application. Sage ERP X3 Web Services can be used to expose custom or existing Sage ERP X3 objects and functions as web services.

Creating a Classic SOAP pool

Log in to Sage X3.  Navigate to Administration > Administration > Web Services > Classic SOAP pools configuration.

WS1 Navigate to Administration

The following screen will appear.  If no web service pools have been created yet, there will be no entries in the list.

WS1 No Web Services Selected

To add a new web service pool, click “Create soapClassicPool” from the Actions menu on the right.

WS1 Create soapClassicPool

Fill in or select the highlighted values as shown below.

  • Alias – this is the pool alias, and can be any value you choose. For simplicity, I normally enter the same value as the endpoint the pool is set up for
  • Maximum size – the maximum number of clients that can be started in the pool
  • Initialization size – the number of clients initialized during pool startup
  • Auto start – this should always be checked to start the pool, so the pool starts when the Syracuse server starts or restarts
  • Endpoint – the X3 endpoint for the pool
  • Locale – the locale/language
  • User – the user for channel initialization
WS1 Pool Configuration

Click “Save” to add the pool.

WS1 Add to Pool

The new pool will appear in the list.

WS1 New Pool


Now that your web service pool(s) have been configured, you are ready to begin building and consuming X3 SOAP web services.

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