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Aligning Lot Numbers with Work Order Numbers

Some companies would like to create their Finished Good products with a Lot Number that is the same as the Work Order Number that created the product. This can making tracing the Lot easier.
If you would like to know how to do that, please see below:

First go to Set up > General Parameters > Parameter Values
Choose Chapter GPA from the left list, Group MIS.
Then make sure that LOTMGT parameter is set to ‘In Release’. This will cause the Lot Number to be created at the time the Work Order is Firm.


Next go to the Product – Common Data > Products > Products

Make sure the Lot Management setting is ‘Mandatory lot’ and under the Lot Sequence – this MUST be blank.



From the Product record – Jump to the Product Category:

Keep in mind that after making the Product Category changes – it will affect all Products in this category for future transactions but you should still make sure that the Product settings from above have been made.

Under Lot Management please make sure the ‘Mandatory Lot’ is checked and LOT sequence is blank.  Save and then scroll down to Receipts




Once you scroll down to Receipts – go to the Work Order Issue line – scroll over to Lot Entry and change this to ‘Free’ and then change Lot by default to ‘Document number’…..Save.


Now when you enter a Work Order for that Parent Product FIN048 the Lot number will automatically be populated with the Work Order Number.

So this is how you set up SEM to have your Lot Number for a Finished Good be the same as the Work Order Number that created it.


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