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How to Add the 'Free Reference' Field to the Entries Inquiry

The Entries Inquiry is a great reporting tool to identify any General Ledger entries that have been posted in Sage X3. The free reference field is used to display additional information on a GL journal entry. Adding this field to the Entries Inquiry allows the user to see additional information for reporting and auditing purposes.

Creating the Free Reference field:
  1. Go to Development > Script Dictionary > Screens
  2. Search for the CONSPCE2 screen from the left list.
  3. Add a "FREREF" field to the lines in the grid. Select the GACCENTRYD table when prompted.
    Adding the Free Reference field ("FREREF") in the grid options
  4. Add an Activity Code to protect your changes.
  5. Save and Validate the screen.
Adding the Free Reference field to the screen:
  1. Go to Expand Setup > General Parameters > Inquiry Screens
  2. Select the PCE Inquiry Code.
  3. Enter the next Order number (ex. 200) for the Free Reference field.
  4. Save your changes when finished.
    Inquiry Screen with the Free Reference field and order number


Now, when using the Entries Inquiry you are able to view the Free Reference Field.

Entry Inquiry screen with the Free Reference field


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LeeAnn Segan

Written by LeeAnn Segan

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