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How to Build a Roadmap for Expense Management Automation

Automation has become a key priority for finance leaders.

According to the 2018 Expense Management Trends Report by Certify, Inc., 18 percent of organizations are planning to upgrade from manual systems to a web-based expense management tool. And more than three quarters (77 percent) of organizations planning to switch to a new expense management provider, will do so within the next 12 months.

The benefits are clear: reduced costs, greater control over expenses, increased policy compliance, improved staff productivity, and enhanced visibility. But if your organization is planning to make this shift, do you have a roadmap in place to ensure the switch will be seamless?

A new white paper from APP2P—sponsored by our partner Nexonia—offers a roadmap for finance teams to ensure that their new technology reaps the rewards it is designed to do. In Automated Finance: 6 Key Steps for Adopting New Technology you’ll learn six key steps to a successful deployment:

  1. Diagnose your pain points: Your business case needs a sound problem- and solution-based focus.
  2. Set your objectives: Form a project management team that includes stakeholders from departments such as information technology, finance and accounting, procurement, human resources, sales and marketing—and build a list of objectives based on their business needs.
  3. Find the right technology vendor: The white paper includes a rundown of the key elements that finance leaders should look for in a prospective vendor.
  4. Build a solid business case: It should include deep dives into items such as hard savings, soft savings, and risk mitigation.
  5. Don’t lose sight of the user experience: Understand how the new technology will affect staff and develop the right communications strategy for the entire journey.
  6. Monitor and measure the results: Measure ROI and periodically update stakeholders and senior management on post-adoption results.

 Download the white paper, Automated Finance: 6 Key Steps for Adopting New Technology, here today.

6 Key steps for Adopting New Technology

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