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Sage Expense Integrator


Sage Expense Connector

The RKL Expense Connector includes a series of tools which make A/P Automation with Concur or Certify Expense fully integrated with your ERP system.  The connector provides a seamless integration between Concur Expense, Concur Invoice or Certify Expense, and can be connected with your Sage X3 or Sage 500 System.

The tool includes a base connector, along with several add-ons which can be purchased, depending on the needs and requirements of the client’s integration.

Expense Integration

The expense integration is part of the base integration and can be used to import expense reports from either Concur or Certify.  The expense reports are parsed, validated, and imported into Sage X3 or Sage 500 as supplier invoices.

Invoice Integration

Base Invoice Integration

Similar to the expense integration, the base invoice integration can be used to import approved invoices from Concur.  When used with the base RKL connector, the invoices are parsed, validated and imported into Sage X3 or Sage 500 as supplier invoices.

Supplier Integration

Whether using the base invoice integration, which creates supplier invoices, or the 3-Way Match Integration, it may be necessary to automate the process of sending suppliers from Sage X3 or Sage 500 to Concur.  This eliminates the need to manually enter suppliers on both the ERP side and the Concur side. This add-on includes picking up any newly added or updated suppliers, and sending them to Concur to keep the suppliers in sync with the ERP system.

3-Way Match Integration

An additional add-on feature for invoice integration is to incorporate the data feed required for the 3-way match in Concur.  This feature is only available with Concur.  In addition to suppliers, this also includes sending purchase orders and purchase receipts to Concur to provide the necessary data for the verification and matching to happen in Concur.  Once the invoices are matched and approved in Concur, the invoices will be pulled back into your Sage product as matched purchase invoices.

Payment Integration

Another additional add-on includes sending payment details to Concur after the invoices have been paid in your Sage product.  This feature will send payment identifiers (i.e. check number) back to Concur, so the payment details can be viewed from the Concur side.

Source Document Download

Another additional add-on includes pulling source documents for invoices from Concur, and attaching them to the invoice document in your ERP system.  This feature is only available between Concur and Sage X3.

Interface Tools

As part of the base integration, several screens are available within your Sage product to refine and review the process.

Configuration Utility

The configuration utility allows maintaining default settings which are unique to your installation.  This includes defining default file locations and column mapping for the parsing of the data coming from Concur or Certify.

Sage expense configuration utility

Resource X-Ref

This screen allows mapping of resource/vendor IDs in Certify or Concur to a valid vendor ID in Sage X3 or Sage 500.  This is used when the IDs in Certify or Concur do not map directly to a supplier ID in Sage X3 or Sage 500.

Resource x-ref

Batch Review and Edit

The batch review and edit application provides a way to track all batches that came in from Certify or Concur.  It also provides a way to edit any errors that may occur during the parse and import process.  Some typical errors include invalid supplier IDs and invalid GL accounts.

Batch Review and EditExpense Claim Review

Automated Batch Process

As an optional add-on, the process of pulling the approved expense batches can be automated using an application which is set up as a scheduled task, to pull approved expense reports from either Concur or Certify.


When any of the processes are automated, the method of automation can either be through SFTP or Web Services.  Regardless of the method chosen, this must be setup between the client and Concur or Certify.  Depending on the method chosen, additional charges may be incurred between the client and Concur or Certify.

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Sage Expense and Invoice Integrator

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