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This blog was written in response to a question posted on a recent blog How to Settle a Vendor Invoice Paid by Credit Card in Sage 100. The follow-up question was - Is there a way to select multiple invoices for the same vendor when moving it to the credit card vendor invoice, in the Purchase Vendor Transfer window?

The answer is yes. Here is how.

When in the Purchase Vendor Transfer screen
Select the Vendor
Hit the Select button

Sage 100 Purchase Vendor Transfer

The open invoices will show.

Three options.

  1. This icon selects all. The icon below it deselects allSage 100 Select Vendor Transfer Invoices
  2. Holding down the Shift key and clicking an invoice and then another will select/deselect the range.
  3. Holding down the ctrl key will allow for selecting/deselecting individual invoices that are not in a range.

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Mike Dineen

Written by Mike Dineen