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How to Track your Billed Time & Materials With Sage Intacct

For any project manager, keeping track of time and materials billing is crucial to the success of the project. It's not only about ensuring accurate billing for clients, but also about keeping an eye on your project finances and budgets. With Sage Intacct's time and materials billing feature, you can easily track all the necessary information and stay on top of your project's financial health. You'll be able to generate detailed reports that show how much time and materials have been used and how much has been billed, making it easier to manage your budgets and allocate resources effectively.

In the following video tutorial, I demonstrate how you can utilize Sage Intacct's time and materials billing feature to keep track of your project's financial health. With a scenario involving grants, I illustrate how you can easily determine the amount of time and materials that have been billed and what is still outstanding.

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Karen Hanley

Written by Karen Hanley

Karen Hanley is a Sage Intacct Senior Solution Architect with RKL eSolutions, LLC. Karen is an accomplished professional services consultant with over 25 years’ experience managing the implementations of accounting/ERP software through all phases of the project life cycle. Her areas of expertise are in software configuration, project management, data conversion, documentation, process improvements, reporting, and training. When not working, Karen enjoys traveling, sailing, golfing, and spending time with family and friends.