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How do you know if your business has outgrown Sage 500?


Many organizations have had a positive experience with the Sage 500 ERP platform. Like all Sage products, it’s powerful and offers a suite of customizable modules that make businesses more efficient and productive. 

But Sage 500 is an aging platform that is now operating in support-only mode, with future enhancements unlikely. That’s one reason many businesses are exploring whether now is the right time to transition to Sage Intacct, the AICPA-endorsed cloud financial management solution.

If you are a current Sage 500 customer, the following four questions can help as you weigh the advantages of transitioning to Sage Intacct.

Is your business growing?

If your business is growing now, or do you anticipate growth in the next 12 to 18 months, it may be wise to transition sooner than later to Sage Intacct. This is especially true if your growth is expected to include new locations and entities, where the complexities of consolidations, allocations, and inter-entity transactions will increase.

As a cloud-based solution, Sage Intacct will give you unlimited scalability and consistent access for all appropriate employees, at all locations. New and existing employees will also be able to view key metrics and more by phone, laptop, or desktop—from the road or in the office. 

Are you able to create reports as quickly as you’d like?

One clear advantage Sage Intacct has over Sage 500 is the ability to create detailed reports in less time. This is based on Sage Intacct’s Dimensions feature, which allows you to tag each transaction with relevant business data. This replaces the traditional chart of accounts and enables you to group and sort information across all business areas, which in turn speeds analyses and financial report creation.  

Are you worried about training employees how to use a new ERP solution?

Transitioning to a new ERP solution takes time, including training time for employees to get accustomed to using the new system. 

If you choose to move to Sage Intacct, the good news is that you will stay within the Sage family, and RKL eSolutions has expertise transitioning clients to new Sage solutions. We have established a best practice for extracting data from Sage 500 and migrating it to Sage Intacct.

Will you be able to continue integrations with other solutions?

Probably your Sage 500 platform is connected to a variety of other point solutions, and continuing those integrations is essential if you’re going to make the leap to a cloud-based solution. 

Fortunately, the best-in-class architecture of Sage Intacct makes it easy to integrate with ADP, Salesforce, Adaptive Insights, Avalara, and a host of other solutions you’re likely using today. Sage Intacct stands behind the quality of those integrations, so you can avoid business disruptions and time-consuming support calls.

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