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Paya’s Announces New Brand Focus & Expansion Strategy for 2018

Paya Formerly Sage Payment Solutions

Paya (pie-ya) kicked off 2018 in a big way.  The company, formerly known as Sage Payment Solutions, launched its new and independent brand into the marketplace, with a focus on building stronger partnerships. With almost two decades of payments industry experience as a part of parent company Sage Software, Inc., Paya is now an independent company led by renowned payments industry experts.

The new company enters the market with the expertise necessary to drive its growth strategy, enabling significant growth for its partners and customers.

With a focus on integrated payments, Paya combines real-time business intelligence and industry-specific insight into an integrated commerce platform that works seamlessly, on any device. They offer payments solutions and services to match your style and your business priorities. Paya integrates with you.

Integration Plans and Product Enhancements

Paya is built to thrive in a continually changing payments space, constantly working to incorporate the latest technology, security, and business processes into their solutions model. The company is focused on product enhancements and solutions to increase safety, simplify operations, and add capabilities to the Paya Payments Platform. For the Sage VAR channel, Paya’s primary focus over the next few months is secure EMV technology integrations including the following:

  • For Sage 100 customers, the introduction of EMV transaction technology
  • For Payment Center Virtual Terminal (PCVT) customers, a new ID Tech Augusta EMV solution will be available
  • For customers seeking a mobile solution, EMV Mobile will be available as a standalone product for all Sage users.

Trusted Partner, Ongoing Support

Paya is committed to providing exceptional business solutions and customer experiences for its partners and customers, to ensure that every solution or service Paya delivers answers these three questions:

  • Is there efficiency in the solution?
  • Is solution intuitive for users?
  • Does it save money?

The Paya team is committed to providing value and growth to partners and their customers, for today and tomorrow.

Paya’s support is "always on," so you can rely on real-time answers from an expert, whenever you need them. No scrolling through documentation. No waiting for answers on forums. Whether it’s an ERP solution, CRM, or any feature that manages your business, Paya is in the background, transparent, and reliable.

Technology Evolving for Growth Today and Tomorrow

Customer expectations are continually evolving with rapidly changing technology, requiring refinement of the products and services they use, because what meets their needs today is likely not what they will need in the future. You want a partner who understands where you are now and where you plan to go. Paya is that partner - they provide solutions you need today while recommending those you’ll need tomorrow.

Paya designs and builds products that move and manage your money with safety and security always in mind, creating experiences that enable your business to be successful. A partner who reduces complexity and delivers simplicity is open and flexible, protects your interests, not theirs, and makes your life easier.

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