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Life After Sage 500—We're Here to Help You Prepare!

Read the first and second parts of this three-part blog series about what's next for you after Sage 500:
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We support a large number of Sage 500 ERP clients. Although our two previous blogs seem inconsistent with this fact, it would be a major disservice to our clients to let them think that they'll be able to get quality support from other resources as availability continues to dwindle. At RKL, we truly want to be “Advisors for What’s Next.” Having worked with our Sage 500 customers for many years, we truly care about them and the health of their business. By sharing this difficult message with transparency, we aim to provide the facts needed to begin an important long-term strategic transition plan to protect your business continuity.

If our clients continue using the software as our Sage 500 team moves to other Sage products, our ability to support your organization and Sage 500 will be reduced significantly. We will not be able to meet the standard of care and professionalism that you have come to expect.

You might wonder why we are sharing this message with you. The reason is simple. We want you to continue forward with your eyes wide open. You need to understand the current state of Sage 500 and what it will look like in the future. Armed with this knowledge, you can make the best decision for your business. As always, we want to be a trusted partner with our clients. Providing an honest outlook of Sage 500 is the best thing we can do for you.

The longer you wait to move, the more risk you have if you need help with Sage 500 or are looking for help migrating off the product.

  • The Sage 500 customer base has shrunk substantially from what it was 12 years ago.
  • Our customer's migration rate off Sage 500 has climbed significantly in the past 3-4 years.
  • Being one of the last users of the product will make things more challenging when you finally make the decision to move.
  • If "What’s Next" isn’t in your three-year plan, it should be!

Now is the time to stop any further financial investment in Sage 500. Instead, invest in transitioning to a new ERP system that provides a stable, supported platform for your organization to use for the next 30 years.

Time is ticking, and ERP deprecation waits for no one. We share because we care. It’s time. We're here to support you and have made the migration process as easy as possible for you.

Russ Griffith

Written by Russ Griffith

Working as the Director for our Sage 500 Practice, Russ assists companies who need to improve their business processes and evaluate how to make their business systems work for them. By working with the key resources at each company he is able to understand the needs and challenges that are present in each unique environment.