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Invoices missing from Payment Proposal in Sage X3

X3 Tips & Tricks

Sage x3 Posted Invoices Not Available

Sage X3 users may encounter issues where posted invoices are not available to be paid during payment proposal. Below are some scenarios that may be causing the open documents to not display for payment:

      1. The invoice may have not finished posting.
        1. Usage > Batch Server > Accounting tasks
        2. Confirm that the Accounting tasks are active and there are no journals on hold.Sage X3 Accounting Task
      2. Check the status of the Invoice in Open Item Edit (A/P-A/R accounting > Open Items > Open Item Edit)
          1. Make sure the Invoice Pay Approval = “Authorized to Pay”Sage X3 Invoice Status
          2. Check to see if any pending payments. Pending applications would be in the Provisional payment column.Sage X3 Pending Applications
          3. If the invoice was already paid you will get this error:Sage X3 Field Error Doc Number
          4. Make sure the Statement field = Nosage X3 Statement Field
      3. Check your selections on the Payment Proposal screen
        1. Make sure the due date is within the entered rangeSage X3 Payment Proposal screen
        2. If the Supplier has a bank defined on the supplier record and it does not match the Generation Bank field then the invoice will not show for payment.Sage X3 Generation Bank Field
      4. Check the setup of the Payment Entry Type.
        1. If this is a new payment entry type make sure the Auto Proposal checkbox is checkedSage X3 Payment Entry Type
      5. Use Manual Matching to confirm the open item displays and the sum of the open item Debits and Credits must be greater than zero. Accounts that have a larger credit balance will be excluded from payment proposals.
        1. Financials > Matching > Manual MatchingSage X3 Manual Matching

Hopefully, you were able to use one of these scenarios to resolve your open documents not displaying for payment in Sage X3.