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Sage X3 Version 11 Video Tutorials

Sage X3 Video Tutorials
A series of over 60 new how-to videos are now available on YouTube that walk you through some of the new and notable features introduced in Sage X3 Version 11.  In this article, we’ll highlight a few of those videos that we think are noteworthy.

Overview of Sage X3 Version 11

First and foremost, here’s a nice high level overview of all the great new features included in this latest release.


How to Customize Your Mobile Dashboard

Learn how to customize a Sage X3 mobile dashboard and how to create groups and templates in Version 11.


Understanding Navigation Improvements

This training video teaches you about the improvements made to Sage X3 navigation in Version 11 including a new login page, a new mega menu, and sitemap.


Changes Made to User Interface in Version 11

Learn how to get the most out of the newly-enhanced user interface in Version 11.


How to Use Bank Statement Import MT940

Learn about improvements to the payment entry process and how to automate routine tasks like importing MT940 bank statement files and matching to open items.


Financial Reporting & Consolidation Updates

Learn the steps to setting up the new pre-consolidation function and get a detailed description of the process.


Easily Update Payments & Discount Amounts

How to easily modify payment and discount amounts and learn about the discount management screen and options.


Get the Whole Playlist

Click below to access the entire playlist of over 60 videos where you’ll also learn about currency conversion, inventory management, production scheduling, project management, shop floor tracking, E-commerce, and other new features or improvements in Sage X3 Version 11.

Entire Video Playlist

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