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Finding .PDF in Sage 100 When Month-end is Out of Balance

Sage 100 Tips and Tricks

Problem:  Ever need to search a list of .PDF files for a string of text?

Windows is not terribly friendly about it – you have to open one . PDF file at a time, search and continue opening files one at a time until you find what you need.

Sage 100 Practical Example

With respect to Sage 100, the software writes the words “Out of Balance” to journals/registers when a posting transaction is not in balance.  End users who press through transactions quickly as a part of their everyday tasks can miss this notation found at the end of the . PDF file.

Controllers often discover the out-of-balance when processing month-end and start the arduous task of finding exactly which posting(s) to resolve.

Sage 100 Out of Balance Journal Entry


Open Adobe Reader and press ctrl + shift + F to open the Advanced Search feature.

Sage 100 Advanced Search Feature

  • Enter the directory where the .PDF files are located. Note:  You may want to copy a subset of .PDF files if you know the approximate time frame the file(s) would have been created.  Fewer files to search makes the search faster.
  • Enter the text string you wish to locate such as “out of balance” and pay attention to the settings for case sensitivity, etc.
  • File match results are then displayed!

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Sharon Burgos

Written by Sharon Burgos