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What is Sage Enterprise Intelligence?

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

One of the many strengths of the Sage X3 platform is the ecosystem of cloud-connected add-ons that are available. Let’s take a closer look at Sage Enterprise Intelligence one of those add-ons.

What is Sage Enterprise Intelligence?

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (“SEI”) is a deep and robust business intelligence reporting platform. It empowers non-technical users with tools to slice, dice, and analyze Sage X3 data in an easy-to-use visual format. You get a clear picture of your operations with key features like:

Role-Based Dashboards - visual, real-time reports that track key performance indicators.

Out of the Box Templates - make decisions faster and get actionable insights from day one.

Web-Based Platform - access data anywhere, on any device so you can make key decisions on the go.

Next Level Intelligence

You might be asking yourself “How is SEI different than Sage Intelligence Reporting?” In a nutshell, SEI offers more advanced features for businesses that really want to dig deep using a broader range of analytical tools for data mining and BI reporting.  In addition, Sage Intelligence is Excel-based while SEI is primarily web-based, but can also work in Excel. Lastly, SEI can pull data from a wider variety of sources, outside of just Sage X3.

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